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November 26, 2007


Jim Dunn

I seem to remember pixie decorations from my youth, but not clearly. Maybe it was a passing fad, like the pink plastic flamingo.


My Irish/gypsy granny always had these pixies all over for the holidays. On the tree. Lurking next to the telephone. You never knew when you'd find one.


Another question about this decoration.....assuming that it is in fact a CHRISTMAS decoration....what do the pixies and toadstools have to do with anything at all? Elves at the North Pole, anything Santa related or Snowman related or Jesus related or even Winter/Snowy in feeling or sentiment I can understand as a Christmas decoration. Are Pixies and Toadstools just so cool that they should be used as often as they can possibly be wedged into an environment? If that is true, I see some awesome 4th of July opportunities.


What is this strange attraction that toadstools have for pixies? It is the spots? The spongy texture? Has anyone ever studied this phenomenon? If not, they should. You could probably get a federal grant...

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