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December 19, 2007



A floating starfish, smog-inspired clouds, rust-colored angels (which probably WILL rust from humidity in the air)--utterly hideous. There must have been a lot of money crossing palms to bribe someone into including this in the book.


Those angels look like they were made out of dung. And those are the dirtiest clouds I have ever seen.


Nothing says Christmas like rusty angels and dirty looking clouds!


It takes quite a bit to stun me. This picture has taken a taser to my soul.


Sorry, that link didn't work. But I hope we all remember the cheese grater.... (Nov 28/07)


Mrs. W. Ross was a professional dominatrix who liked to use such things as cheese graters and steel wool in her work. Christmas was a very special time for her and her clients. Her dungeon always looked so festive! Here's another one of her whimsical works (top centre):



Let's see, you'd need steel wool, nails, wire and spray paint...this would be a good project for small children!

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