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December 19, 2007



So that's how you deal with annoying, fussy kids--wrap them in Ace bandages and Velcro them to the wall! Modern parenting should be a breeze with techniques like this. I don't recommend hanging them over a fire, however, no matter how decorative it may be.


I fully understand the benefits of swaddling, however, little Jesus looks like you could smoke him.

The tree on the other pic is swanky, though.

Vickie McIntyre

Picture on the right. Embigginated to the power of 100...and still...I. Don't. Get. It.
Jim, again, for future reference, is ok to swaddle your young. Is not ok to velcro swaddled child to fireplace.
Merry Christmas, I love your site. Pick me! Pick me!!!


Just for future reference with your new young'un, Jim, swaddling babies was done to help their limbs grow straight. It's also an excellent method to calm some fussy babies who seem to be happier that way. (I had one like that and it worked like a charm every time!)


OK, run this by me again, folks... it's now in our time that there's supposedly people out to destroy Christmas, right? Because really, this decor points to that there were some folks for whom it was good and destroyed 40 years ago...


The baby Jesus or the offspring of Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah in "Splash"? You decide.


Sort of medieval torture-y! And who's going to be tortured next? Why, it's the little baby Jesus, or course! Look! The little fella's trying to get away! Awww. How cute.


That first thing looks like it's a grate of some sort. Perhaps for trapping elves and slow-roasting them over the fire? Creepy!

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