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December 07, 2007



I wouldn't even subject my FAMILY to this!


Oh my god. What was going through the mind of the person who designed this thing????

This is one of the best titles ever.


The sheer evil radiating from this thing is almost paralyzing. I didn't know reindeer could even *be* clowns!


Look how the eyes on the Frosties are bugging out with fear, too!

Penguin Pete

Rudolph is clearly gloating over the corpses of the two Frosties he just flattened with falling safes.

Jim Dunn

Ain't it scary? If you were trying to come up with an evil character for a slasher holiday flick, I don't know if you could do better than this.


I'm sure the eyes glow red when the lights are switched off. Truly demonic!


I'm going to have nightmares.

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