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December 10, 2007



This is supposed to be for CHRISTMAS?? O_o You have got to be kidding. For Halloween, it's a great idea--although I'd leave off the silver paint and use more fake blood--but I can't imagine why the BH&G folks looked at this and said, "That's gorgeous!! It'll be perfect for our Christmas book!"

Penguin Pete

This is the Holiday decoration on the house where they filmed "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane".

Either that, or whoever had this idea was really, really high.

Jim Dunn

I think this has gotten some of the strongest responses ever. I'm glad it went over well. I just wish that BH&G had run it in color!


It's looking a lot like a Goth-y Christmas folks!


I read this site all the time, but have never felt so compelled to comment- my god, that is THE MOST INSANE thing you have found, good sir. Nice job!


once again.............wow.......is all I can say


Even leaving aside the whole "Black-Death-pandemic-a-third-of-Europe-dead" side of things, can it be that somebody actually thought that hanging contraptions designed to maim and kill small furry creatures - along with representations of said small furry creatures about to get their necks snapped - would be warm and Christmas-y? Is this the same person who designed the Evil Reindeer Clown From H*ll in the previous post?


Eeeewwww! Thats all I can say!

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